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Late nights and RSI

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

Welcome to the first post of many in my new ServWise Blog. If you are reading this then please be kind, I’m not a word-smith and have about the worst spelling of anyone I know. I’m a Programmer / Engineer and IT geek with a personal wish to one day make a good living doing the only thing I know something about, computers.

I’ve spent the last few months organising and preparing (along with the other members of the ServWise team) for the opening day of ServWise. It has been a long slog, with many late nights sometimes till 4am working out the finer details of how this seed of hosting future will look, run, jump and skip for our customers (Which I hope is or at least wiill be you).

A little more about what I do at ServWise before I sign off on this post. I’m a Windows engineer and am responsible for the Windows hosting at ServWise as well as many other things to do with the running of a successful! web hosting company. I’m also and probably more so a Web developer and programmer and have been making the majority of my living for the past 12 years designing and programming websites for a multitude of organisations. I’m also the developer of the ServWise Website so if something doesn’t work or could work better I’m the one to tell.

Anyway thanks for reading my first post, I hope future posts will be a lot more interesting and I’ll be covering lots of stuff about web development, SEO, Graphic Design and hosting obviously