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The truth about unlimited resource hosting plans

We get asked regularly if we offer plans with unlimited (or huge) amounts of space and bandwidth like some other well known hosts.

The simple answer is , No, and the reason is also simple, lying to our customers is not something we feel happy to do.

Advertising plans with unlimited bandwidth or space is simply a marketing ploy used by some less than honest web hosts to sell to unsuspecting and inexperienced customers something that can’t in reality exist.

How the unlimited space and bandwidth “Con” works!

In hosting circles it is a well known fact that people on the whole don’t know how much space and bandwidth their site is going to need, and so if they can take an unmetered/unlimited plan then they don’t have to make the customer think about it. The customer feels that if their site suddenly becomes popular they are covered because there’s no bandwidth limit.

Unfortunately the fact is that the opposite is usually the case. Unlimited plan hosts are by definition over-sellers, they rely on the fact that in most cases a website will use very little space and bandwidth, and so they pack their servers with customers vastly overselling the space and bandwidth available to the server.  Network port speeds are limited, hard disks are limited.

What this means is that when a site does start to use a high amount of bandwidth or a client decides to make use of the huge amount of space they were promised and uploads their digital photo or video collection, the host then has to act quickly to remove the customers site so as not to bring the whole over-sold server to it’s knees.

This usually comes in the shape of an email or phone call telling the customer that their site is using more server CPU cycles than is allowed, and asking the customer to upgrade or risk losing their hosting, in many cases though is just means the site is shutdown without notice.

So what about us?

In our case we never oversell our servers, and we only offer plans with a realistic amount of space and bandwidth. We never allocate more space and bandwidth than is allocated to each of our servers, in fact we generally allocate less than 50% of a servers overall resources to allow for the growth of the customers on it, and to allow for the odd occasion when a customers site may suddenly gets an unusually large amount of traffic.

Another thing we don’t do is immediately disable sites that go over their allocated space or bandwidth limit, in fact unless it is an ongoing problem and we’ve heard nothing from the customer from multiple communications your site will be safe, we’ll also first advise how the customer can reduce their usage to come within their limits (properly compressing images or removing log files etc)..

The final word.

The last question you should really ask yourself is this – Can I trust my valuable website or clients with a host that is less than honest with me??

I know I wouldn’t…

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