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Article Am I allowed to send bulk emails (Newsletters, Promotions etc) and what are the limits?
ServWise has a strict NO SPAM policy on sending of bulk email. Bulk email can only be sent to...
Views: 5253
Article Can I use an external email server?
In the control panel, the MX Entry Maintenance option allows you to choose where your email gets...
Views: 5326
Article Do we provide Secure SMTP, POP3, IMAP (SSL and TLS)?
SSL/TLS is supported for all email protocols.  Where your client supports it, you can use TLS on...
Views: 61406
Article How to send email using ASP and CDOSYS
The following ASP script can be used to send email using CDOSYS on our servers. Dim iConfig Dim...
Views: 9333
Article Mail Server error 550 No such user here
I get the following error when sending emails. Server error: '550 No such user here' This is...
Views: 30262
Article Name servers change and crossover traffic during propagation
During the change of Name servers DNS is cached at all DNS servers until the TTL (time to live)...
Views: 5957
Article Problems with Thunderbird and IMAP
If you are having problems with Thunderbird and IMAP connections, specificaly hang-ups while...
Views: 2794
Article What is an email "alias" and what is it for? (Windows Hosting)
What is an email alias and what is it for? (Windows Hosting) An email alias is an alternative...
Views: 8276
Article What is an email "alias" or "forwarder" and what is it for? (Linux Hosting)
An email forwarder is an email address that exists only to forward emails to other addresses....
Views: 7406