WebSitePanel reseller set up guide for windows hosting

This is a Step by Step beginners guide on how to set-up user accounts under a reseller account in WebSitePanel (formally DotNetPanel).

Below is a short description of each action with a link to articles hosted by WebSitePanel that contains screen-shots and additional instructions. Please be aware that the external instructions are aimed at WebSitePanel administrator accounts and not reseller accounts however most of the instructions apply equally to both.


In our experience, even if you don't intend to provide panel access to your customers, it is still always preferable to create customer accounts and assign plans to divide your space. This makes administration and organisation much easier and allows you to view separate usage statistics for each plan, as well as separating plan space for security reasons. This is also suggested if at a later date you may decide to give panel access to your own customers as migrating sites between plans is not simple.

Step 1 : Creating hosting plans.

When you first set-up your reseller account you will want to create some hosting plans to assign to your customers, these plans are essentially templates that define the limits applied to a customers hosting space. You can create as many different types of plan as you like to suit each hosting space requirement of your customers. however for organisational purposes it is sometimes better to create just a few standard plans and use add-on plans (see below) to apply custom features.

Your plans should at minimum set the availability of services even if those services are disabled, by this I mean if you plan to at a later date give the customer website access then the main plan should have web sites section enabled but just put zero limits on the number of websites creatable, this makes sure the back-end infrastructure is created to allow websites at a later date.

For some more info and screen-shots see :

Step 2 : Creating add-on plans (Optional)

Add-on plans allow you to create purchasable extras for your clients, like additional space, bandwidth, databases or email accounts etc that can be applied to a customers current plan without needing to upgrade the plan. Add-ons can only be applied where the core function (System, web sites, mysql etc) are already enabled in the main plan. Add-ons are not required before being able to create new space.

For some more info and screen-shots see :

Step 3 : Creating users / customers

Creating a customer is the first step in adding a sub-account to your reseller plan, this will provide them with their own independent user-name and password to access the control panel so they can manage their own hosting space. Even if you are not providing panel access to your customers you are advised to create a customer accounts to logically divide your reseller space (especially if you plan to host many websites), all sub-accounts can be directly accessed from the parent reseller account login.

For some more info and screen-shots see :

Step 4 : Assigning a plan to a user account (Creating hosting space)

To assign a plan to a customer account browse to the customer account home page and click the "ADD HOSTING SPACE" button.
You will then be optionally asked to add some space resources like a website domain, ftp account and an email account, this helps your customer get up and running quickly as otherwise they would have to create these things before they could use the hosting.

At this point you can also send them a welcome letter that will give them details on how to access their hosting space and about any preconfigured accounts available. The welcome letter can be customised from within your reseller account window along with many other functions.

For some more info and screen-shots see :

The above pages and much more can also be reached from the here :

I hope this guide gives you enough information to get you started, if you have any specific questions regarding your reseller space not discussed in our knowledge base then please open a support ticket or talk via our live chat.


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