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Article .CO domains Registration
The .CO era is here, .CO is a new globally available domain extension that is a credible...
Views: 4397
Article .UK domain transfers / IPS Re-tagging
When transferring a .UK domain to ServWise please initiate the transfer on our site and then ask...
Views: 5225
Article After how many hours should I be sent the Auth-Info for transferring a domain name?
Normally, the auth-info is provided instantly by the registar's automated system, if the system...
Views: 3292
Article Can I view my site before the DNS has propagated?
Windows Hosting All websites are issued with an Instant alias based on the domain you supply...
Views: 6206
Article Creating Name Servers
You can create name servers from our main site for any domain that we are the registrar. This is...
Views: 5492
Article Domain management Error : Authentication Error OR Domain not found
The most common reason for these errors are that the domain is no longer registered or has been...
Views: 3719
Article Domain Name Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy
The Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy (TDRP) applies to transactions in which a domain-name...
Views: 5532
Article Flushing DNS cache
A common problem when changing DNS or name servers is DNS being cached leading to you to continue...
Views: 52403
Article How do I alias or redirect one domain to another?
Many times it is required to have multiple domains pointing at one website and depending on your...
Views: 40089
Article How to associate a domain to web space
Normaly it is best to assign the name servers of your host to your domain name, in this way all...
Views: 8887
Article How to transfer a domain to us
The following guide applies to most domains like .com, .net, .org, .eu and .it. However some...
Views: 4404
Article How to transfer your domain and hosting with us
If you want to transfer your domain and already have a website and email accounts working, to...
Views: 4467
Article How to use a domain registered with another domain registrar with our hosting by assigning our name servers
In your domain registrars control panel you should look for an option to set/change the NS (Name...
Views: 6648
Article I already have a domain name registared with another provider, can I administer it through your control panel?
Yes you can, the company that you registered the domain with should allow you to set the...
Views: 5918
Article Name servers change and crossover traffic during propagation
During the change of Name servers DNS is cached at all DNS servers until the TTL (time to live)...
Views: 5945
Article Renewing an expired domain: grace and redemption period
What is a domain grace and redemption period and how can I renew my domain? A grace period is a...
Views: 17912
Article Setting name servers to Italian domains
In order for name server changes to go through with .it domains the DNS server needs valid DNS...
Views: 2685
Article What is redirect what is the DNS management instead?
Some people get confused by what is meant by assigning name servers, this is NOT simply a...
Views: 4385