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Article Can I purchase an SSL certificate from you for use with another hosting provider?
Yes, SSL certificates purchased from us can be hosted on any hosting provider that supports it....
Views: 3914
Article Compatibility between Verisign SSL Certificate and mobile phones
Verisign has informed us that through experience they learnt that Secure Site Pro...
Views: 8619
Article Do I need a dedicated IP for each website when using a wildcard SSL
You do not need to have a dedicated IP for each website when using a wildcard SSL, you can use...
Views: 4226
Article How long does it take issuing an SSL Certificate?
The release time depends on the type of certificate you requested. It is easy and fast,...
Views: 7193
Article How to Install a SSL Certificate
If you've also purchased hosting from us, we will provide you with the CSR and help you to...
Views: 6039
Article How to install your SSL Digital Certificate? Step By Step Instructions
What do I need? A basic requirement to install an SSL certificate is to have a dedicated IP...
Views: 24375
Article I need SSL for my hosted Facebook app, What do I need?
All of our SSL certificates can be used with facebook. You need to secure the the fully qualified...
Views: 5518
Article Information needed to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
Before reading this guide why not click here to take a look at our selection of wonderfull SSL...
Views: 20744
Article Information to generate a CSR
We will need the following info to generate a CSR: SSL domain : e.g. Company...
Views: 4000
Article Installing / Renewing / Replacing an SSL on Windows SolidCP control panel
To Install, renew or replace an SSL on Windows SolidCP panel follow these instructions -...
Views: 117
Article Is the SSL Certificate installation free?
The installation of SSL Certificate is free, if you buy hosting from ServWise.To view the...
Views: 4237
Article Justification for additional IP addresses
Due to the now limited number of IPs in the IP4 address space the IP Authorities of different...
Views: 3247
Article Renewing a wildcard SSL
You renew a wildcard SSL in the same way and a normal SSL. From the server where you first...
Views: 3931
Article Using a wildcard SSL on multiple servers
To use a wildcard SSL on multiple servers, you need to copy the private key and SSL certificate...
Views: 6235
Article What do I need to order an SSL certificate?
The requirements to install an SSL Certificate on your site are: 1. A domain and email address...
Views: 5453
Article What is a Wild-card SSL certificate and how do they work?
[Click here to view our Wildcard SSL Certificates] When you register a standard SSL...
Views: 19370
Article What's the difference between SSL Certificates?
The main difference between SSL Certificates is the level of "TRUST" the visitors perceive...
Views: 7799