How to create add-ons with WebSitePanel (Resellers Windows)

This tutorial assumes that you have created a customer, created a plan and assigned the plan to the customer.

In this example we will create an 1 GB add-on of space that can be added to the client plan to increase its space by 1 GB:

First creating the add-on :-

  1. Log on WebSitePanel,
  2. From your reseller home page click on "Hosting Add-on's"and then click the "Create Hosting Add-on" button
  3. Next type the name for this add-on in "Add-on Name"
  4. Tick the "system" option and set the amount of space for this add-on. If you enter 1000 MB and the user has a plan with 500 MB then once the add-on is added, the plan will have 1500 MB of space.
  5. Next click Save.

Now you have created an add-on that you can assign to your customer to increase the space by multiples of 1 GB.

To add a supplement to the plan:

  1. Click Clients.
  2. Click the name of the customer to receive the add-on.
  3. Click on Spaces.
  4. Click in the Space where you want to apply the add-on
  5. On the next page choose "edit details" on  the right hand side menu.
  6. Click on "Add Add-on" button.
  7. Select your add-on from the drop down menu and enter the add-on increments you want to apply to the plan.
  8. Then click Save

You should now see the add-on that was added to the customer and their place limits will now be increased in their plan homepage.

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