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How to calculate bandwidth, what does unlimited, guaranteed really mean etc...
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Information about billing, methods of payment, VAT etc


Article Accessing mySQL remotely
Remote access to any of our database servers is provided solely for periodic maintenance, backups...
Views: 10860
Article Are the databases included on the hosting plan price?
All our hosting plans include MySQL database by default, our Linux servers also have postgreSQL...
Views: 3984
Article Available Databases with our hosting plans
All of our plans come with MySQL Database support as default with a number of other Database...
Views: 3433
Article Do we offer free hosting?
No, BUT you can join our affiliate scheme without even being a customer of ServWise, and this is...
Views: 4553
Article Do we provide Secure SMTP, POP3, IMAP (SSL and TLS)?
SSL/TLS is supported for all email protocols.  Where your client supports it, you can use TLS on...
Views: 61407
Article Do you allow to increase the disk space or bandwidth of the preconfigured hosting plans?
If you realize that the disk space purchased is no longer sufficient for your needs, you can...
Views: 4686
Article Do you do backups?
Yes, we perform nightly backups and in many cases we keep multiple nightly backups, however...
Views: 3396
Article Do you provide a secure method of transferring files such as FTPS?
  All file transfers using ftp can be secured using FTPS, which is similar to using https...
Views: 4815
Article Do you provide a way to test the access speed of your servers?
You can test the speed of our servers at the following addresses: For our European servers...
Views: 6496
Article Do your control panels support secure browsing (https)?
Yes our control panels support secure (https) browsing For Windows plans please visit...
Views: 3787
Article Do your hosting plans support SilverStripe?
Both our Windows and Linux hosting plans support SilverStripe.  SilverStripe is available as an...
Views: 4659
Article Do your Linux hosting plans include shell access via ssh?
Sorry we no longer provide shell access for our Linux accounts.
Views: 4482
Article Does our hosting offer url rewrite tools?
Yes, indeed. We offer url rewrite tools mod_rewrite for Linux and Isapi_rewrite for Windows on...
Views: 3962
Article How to choose an hosting plan that suits your needs
Obviously everyone has different hosting needs so choosing the right hosting package can be...
Views: 6260
Article Is there a limit to the size or number of databases Microsoft SQL server you can create?
The only limitation for Microsoft SQL server databases is the space, you can create unlimited...
Views: 5821
Article Justification for additional IP addresses
Due to the now limited number of IPs in the IP4 address space the IP Authorities of different...
Views: 3247
Article Shared SSL
All our hosting plan offer a shared SSL included on the price. Each site can have 1 or more...
Views: 5466
Article UK Data Centre and Network Infrastructure
UK Data Centre and Network Infrastructure ServWise hosts all of it's European servers in...
Views: 4420
Article What are some of the important features that all web hosting plans should offer?
All of our plans offer the following key features: FTP AccessFTP is the primary means of...
Views: 3591
Article What control panels do you use and do you have a demo?
We have both Windows and Linux servers and use the best-of-breed control panel for each. Windows...
Views: 3543
Article What is the specification of your network, data center and client servers
Our Data Centres ServWise operates out of a number of Data Centres in the US and UK. UK Data...
Views: 3759