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How to transfer your domain and hosting with us

If you want to transfer your domain and already have a website and email accounts working, to minimize the down time we suggest to transfer your web site, and we assign our name servers  before transferring the domain . So below we explain the steps to follow for the transfer:

step 1
Buy hosting and test your web site hosting has verified that it works properly,

step 2
The migration, uploading website, creating databases and
configuring email addresses.

step 3
Assign our name servers from the control panel of your current domain provider.

When you assign our name servers, there will be a window period of DNS propagation (of up to 24 hours), where the email is from us that could come from the old supplier, so it is important that it should also have access to the old hosting.

Once the name servers are propagated on the Internet, the migration is complete and your website is that your emails can be handled through our hosting services.

Below is some FAQ articles which may be of help:
These are our Name Servers:
How to assign Name Servers:

step 4
If you wish to transfer the domain as well by us, at this point you have to request the authorization code (EPP Key) to its current domain registrar and request transfer via our website at the following link:

If you are experiencing difficulties please contact our support via ticket or live chat.

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