How to install your SSL Digital Certificate? Step By Step Instructions

What do I need?

A basic requirement to install an SSL certificate is to have a dedicated IP address to be assigned to the domain name you want to make sure. The IP address can not be shared with other domain names.

The dedicated IP address can be purchased as a supplement when you purchase a hosting plan with us and costs about € 3 per month. If you have another hosting provider we will need to talk to them.
What are the steps?
The steps to follow in the installation of SSL Certificate are:

1. Ask your hosting provider the CSR code (Certificate Signing Request). After purchase you will receive an email from us with a link to our website's form that you'll need to fill  with your details. After you submit the form the provider you've choose SSL Verisign, Geotrust or others will contact you directly.
2. Install the SSL protocol CSR. (Depending on your web server software, the procedure is different, it can be done quite simply through the hosting control panel or by the administrator).
3. Apply the SSL certificate to your website.
4. All SSL certificates to be issued must be verified confirming the receiption of an e-mail (sent by the SSL issuer), at the e-mail address of the domain where the SSL is going to be configured. This is a  security procedure to validate domain ownership and all SSL certificates require this type of validation.
If you can not receive e-mail domain SSL, then you can not complete the purchase of any SSL certificate (anywhere, not just with us).

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