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Article Access to CPanel Control Panel
Our Linux control panel provides a range of tools to manage different aspects of your website....
Views: 5171
Article Do you have a manual for your control panel?
Windows Control panel Documentation (WebsitePanel) You can find documentation for WebsitePanel...
Views: 5956
Article Do your Linux hosting plans include shell access via ssh?
Sorry we no longer provide shell access for our Linux accounts.
Views: 4428
Article How do I upload my website to your servers?
There are a number of ways to publish your website depending on if you are publishing to our...
Views: 12353
Article How to associate a domain to web space
Normaly it is best to assign the name servers of your host to your domain name, in this way all...
Views: 8762
Article How to transfer your domain and hosting with us
If you want to transfer your domain and already have a website and email accounts working, to...
Views: 4421
Article How to use multiple domains under a single hosting account (LINUX) with cPanel?
To use multiple domains in the same account, the domain must be configured in the cPanel control...
Views: 17361
Article Our DNS Name Servers
Sometimes you may require our DNS server addresses, especially when assigning Name Servers with...
Views: 8370
Article Problems with Thunderbird and IMAP
If you are having problems with Thunderbird and IMAP connections, specificaly hang-ups while...
Views: 2722
Article Securing your site
Typical attack vectors for hacked sites are the following: Insecure file and folder...
Views: 3797
Article Setting read and write permissions on files and folders (Windows)
On Windows servers file/folder read and write permissions are set via the control panel file...
Views: 23893
Article Unable to view my temporary alias web address
It can take upto 1 hour for the temporary alias web address (or instant alias) on our Windows...
Views: 4844
Article WebSitePanel reseller set up guide for windows hosting
This is a Step by Step beginners guide on how to set-up user accounts under a reseller account in...
Views: 9795
Article What are my FTP account settings?
Your FTP settings are normaly provided in your welcome letter however the standard FTP settings...
Views: 4914
Article What is a parked domain or domain alias?
A parked domain name (Also called a Domain Alias) is an additional domain name that leads to the...
Views: 8785
Article What is an email "alias" and what is it for? (Windows Hosting)
What is an email alias and what is it for? (Windows Hosting) An email alias is an alternative...
Views: 8156
Article What is an email "alias" or "forwarder" and what is it for? (Linux Hosting)
An email forwarder is an email address that exists only to forward emails to other addresses....
Views: 7284