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Article General Security advice.
It goes without saying that securing your website is extremely important. Below are some best...
Views: 2481
Article How to make your website secure
as a web host we are constantly monitoring our systems and making sure our servers are secure....
Views: 5191
Article Limiting brute force attacks in WordPress
It is quite common for hackers to attempt random scans of websites for common security...
Views: 181
Article My site has been hacked, what do I do?
Firstly don't panic. Then follow these steps. 1. Change all passwords for all services...
Views: 2899
Article Securing WordPress
Here at ServWise we see daily attacks on Wordpress websites and regularly see sites being...
Views: 4476
Article Securing your site
Typical attack vectors for hacked sites are the following: Insecure file and folder...
Views: 3867
Article Why upgrade your cms?
It is important to update the software we use on the Internet (cms applications and web browsers)...
Views: 3217