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Price updates on our SSL offerings, many lower prices and always significantly lower than RRP. Check it out at… https://t.co/jB7n42bABQ 08:46 AM Jan 22nd

We have just installed PHP 7.2 on our Windows shared servers, PHP defaults to 5.x for backwards compatibility but y… https://t.co/NKePKqN7S6 03:12 PM May 2nd

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user-agent CFNetwork problems

We are recently seeing a huge increase in traffic from thousands of IPs using the user-agent header containing CFNetwork. Our research suggests this is a some part of an IOS image search bot in mobiles and the calls are always to non-existing image files. Now this would not normally be ... June 12, 2019

SkyDSL.eu personal review. Not at all as advertised.

Not to long ago, I needed to implement some high speed internet into a house, located in a remote area of Italy. The local DSL which barely reached the area was terrible, only offering a maximum of about 300Kb of upload speed, and a few megs of download speed, and ... August 1, 2017