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Name Space Bandwidth Annual Price Link
Personal 1GB 10GB Windows Linux
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Enterprise 4GB 40GB

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Beginner 4GB 40GB Windows Linux
Intermediate 8GB 80GB
Master 12GB 120GB

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Latest Announcements

PHP 5.3 now available  [2012/03/05]
PHP 5.3 is now available for all new UK hosting plans.
.es domains now available [2012/02/03]
We are happy to announce for all our Spanish customers the availablity of .es domains to our...
.COM.AU domains now available [2012/01/12]
We are happy to announce for all our Australian customers the availablity of .COM.AU domains to...

Staff Blogs

Don't wait, do the update!

If you run a website using one of the popular CMS, Forum or eCommerce platforms (Wordpress, Joomla etc) then we urge you to update and secure it regularly, don't wait, hackers are constantly searching out and attacking these types of website and in the last 12 months we have noticed ...April 8, 2014

The future of personal computing is mobile.

With a lot of computer functionality moving to the "cloud" I was thinking about the future of personal computing as technology diverges and improves. My prediction is that smart phones eventually will become our TV's, media Stations and desktop PC's, they will be so powerful that they will be able ...January 10, 2012

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Windows 2003 Linux PHP
SQL Server 2005 ASP.NET hosting available MySQL
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