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Our Services

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a new website online or need a fully bespoke web presence, then ServWise can help. We have over 15 years of experience in website design and development, and the expertise to ensure your website works.

Web development

We are coders at heart and this allows us to build websites from the ground up using PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL and Javascript. Fully dynamic websites in multiple languages.

From: €400

Graphic design

Logos, business cards, flyers, website design, branded mechandice all the way to a full corporate rebranding.

We can provide all types of graphic design services both digital and print-based.

WordPress / Joomla integrations

If you need a design or template for use with one of these popular CMS systems, we can do that.

From: €600

Web Marketing and SEO

Attract more website visitors. Leverage our years of experience in Web Marketing and SEO.

Experts in Google & Facebook Advertising, Web Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation.

Whatever your needs please use our quote request system to tell us your requirements and we'll get back to you right away.

Some of our latest work

Since 2005 we have created a lot of websites for a lot of companies. Here are just a few examples :

Jolly Fine Pubs @ Home

Technology: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Graphic Design, PHP, Wordpress, Woocommerce, SEO

New website for a South West London Gastro Pub chain.

Creating a website to allow customers to order pre-prepared gourmet meals to finish off at home.

Co-hosting & rental management

Technology: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Graphic Design, PHP, Wordpress, SEO

We worked closely with this client to create a full corporate identity, including logo, print media templates and a website graphic and template which we implemented into the WordPress CMS.

A multi-lingual website that also includes integrated live chat.

Eco-commerce portal

Technology: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Graphic Design, PHP, Wordpress / Woocommerce, SEO

Website aimed to help small local Sardinian retailers during the Covid19 pandemic.

Many retailers in Sardinia have struggled during the pandemic as they relied heavily on passing traffic for their business. After Covid19 that all changed and now many have been forced to embrace local delivery and the Internet to survive.

We built this "multi-vendor" portal to allow any local seller to sell their products commission-free and to help the local economy. Now it is serving many retailers and customers throughout Sardinia and plan to expand its offerings to make it into a local information portal as well.

Italian Estate Agency

Technology: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Graphic Design, PHP, Wordpress, SEO

A brand new website for a local estate agent, with a clean design and animated graphic headers.

Implementing a full property portal advertising system to allow them to publish properties and also syndicate content out to other portals.

Web Agency Cagliari

MCA costruzioni SRL- Construction company Sardinia

Tecnologia: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Graphic Design, PHP, Wordpress, SEO

This family run construction company operates throughout Sardinia.

Digital photo printing system

Technology: Bespoke PHP and ASP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Graphic Design, SEO

Okay not one of our latest but a site that we developed in 2008 and has been running almost untouched ever since.

We developed this fully bespoke online digital photo printing service to allow customers to upload digital photos, choose print types, share albums and ultimately order physical prints of their photos.