FAQ : What website factors influence search engine position

A new knowledge base article called "What website factors influence search engine position" has just been published. An interesting article about...
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24th Oct 2020
NEW FAQ: How can I speed up my website?

We just updated our FAQ which answers the question "How can I speed up my website?" Full of examples, tips and practical things you can do to make...
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7th Oct 2020
The great exodus

It is starting to become clear that our lives are likely to be permanently affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. With new outbreaks as soon as...
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21st Aug 2020
Remote working during the pandemic and the effects on businesses

I am a big fan of remote working and I have been doing it for the past 20 years, luckily for me, that meant there has been very little impact to my...
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4th Aug 2020
Hundreds of new domain extensions added

We have added over 400 new domain extensions available to purchase. From .audio to .zone there is something for everyone and most domains can be...
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5th Mar 2020
PHP 7.2 installed on all Windows hosting

We have just installed PHP 7.2 on our Windows shared servers, PHP defaults to 5.x for backwards compatibility but you can change to 7.2 from the...
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2nd May 2019
SkyDSL.eu personal review, Not at all as advertised

Not too long ago, I needed to implement some high-speed internet into a house, located in a remote area of Italy. The local DSL which barely...
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17th Aug 2017
Forgot the Attachment? Thunderbird to the rescue!

Forgetting to add an attachment to an email is a common enough mistake.  One of the things I like about Thunderbird is its simple extensibility....
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12th Sept 2012
A guide to setting name servers at another registrar

If you wish to host a domain purchased at another domain registrar with us and you don’t wish to (or can’t) transfer the domain to us, then you can...
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25th May 2012
Got Website, Need SSL

It has always been important when transmitting sensitive data over the Internet that that data is transmitted and stored securely. Secure storage...
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17th Feb 2012