I am a big fan of remote working and I have been doing it for the past 20 years, luckily for me, that meant there has been very little impact to my normal working life during the pandemic, but that cannot be said for many of my friends and associates who are now remote working for the first time.

Most it seems have adapted well to the change, I recently watched a UK News report where they showed that in London even though the government had given the okay for people to return to work, many who have been working remotely have decided to remain working from home and won’t be returning to the office. Also, many companies have even decided to downsize their offices after finding that remote workers did not cause a loss of productivity and that the importance of mental health and feeling safe while working as well as the many other benefits are far more important than having them sitting at a desk close by.

It seems that the pandemic has been an unintended test-bed to trial what many experts had already concluded, that with the age of the Internet for many home or remote working is a very real option, and can be done without negatively impacting on business productivity. It also has many other benefits that can’t be ignored. Here are just a few –

  • It is substantially better for the environment, fewer cars on the road mean less pollution and even better it means fewer traffic jams and traffic can get to its destination without delays and using less fuel.
  • It is safer, travelling is inherently riskier so fewer people on the road means fewer deaths from road accidents.
  • As roads are used significantly less they need less maintenance and the savings can be spent elsewhere or taxes can be lowered.
  • The time saved not commuting to work (about 5 hours a week on average) can be reinvested back into our personal lives, or just reinvested back into some extra sleep. :)
  • Businesses and employees no longer need to be situated close to each other or even in the same country, lowering the demand for property in and around big cities and ultimately lowering the property prices in those areas.

With the situation expected to cause extended or even permanent changes to the way many of us live our lives, more people are now choosing to continue to work remotely and also conduct business online instead of in-person as has been seen by the massive increases in profits made by big online retailers like Amazon in recent months.

Another interesting change that has come out of all this is that local retailers and service providers are returning to the high street where people feel more comfortable shopping instead of at large retail parks, this also means those offering home delivery of products and services are seeing a marked increase in customers.

For businesses, all of this means that having a good online presence is now of utmost importance and if in the past you have neglected your online presence (Or never had one) then now is the time to make it a priority, because if you are not then you can bet your competitors probably are.

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Whatever happens, stay safe this summer and don’t forget to plant a garden.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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