About ServWise Hosting

Who are we?

ServWise is a hosting company primarily offering web and email hosting, low cost SSL certificates and domain names.

ServWise is a trading name for GoWideWeb LLC an IT services company from Wyoming, USA specialising is Internet based services.

Currently we host servers in spechalised secure data centres in the USA (Central and East) and in Europe (London) offering excelent connectivity, speed and reliabilty to those regions.

Our history and philosophy

ServWise came from humble beginnings and we have grown organically into the fully fledged hosting business you see today. We opened our doors to customers way back in 2002, originaly as an secondary service provided by a UK based company called WiredEyes that specialised in Website design. The hosting service was split of from its parent company in 2007 and the ServWise brand was born.

We have continued to rely on word of mouth to deliver our message of high quality servers and responsive support to new customers, always spending money on improving our infrastructure for our current customers rather then on expensive advertising for new customers and knowing that if our customers are happy the word would spread.

Our aim is not to grow as fast as possible, but to grow as good as possible and through this ethos provide honest, high quality internet services.

Our service should be easy to understand and simple to manage, within a reliable and modern infrastructure providing timely, thorough and understandable support to our customers.