What is the difference between GB and Gb or MB and Mb

It is important when comparing different hosting offerings, especially when choosing a fixed quota plan that you need to understand how much disk space and bandwidth you are being offered.

Unfortunatly this is not always as simple as it seems and there is a common mistake made by consumers and it all comes down to abbreviations.

When displaying the amount of space available we use the terms GigaByte or TeraByte usually displayed as GB and TB.

That's all great and you should now be able to compare our offering with other hosting offerings right? easy!. 

Unfortunatly some less than respectable hosting providers have been known to purposely indicate amounts as Gb or Tb which refers to Gigabit and Terabit, this is aimed to make their plans seem much larger than they actually are.

So what does this all mean?

Essentially the way it works is that in computer systems there are 8 bits for each byte, and the term bit is always represented as lowercase and byte is always represented as uppercase.  (b=bit & B=Byte and 8 bits = 1 Byte)


Kb = Kilobit
KB = KiloByte

Mb = Megabit
MB = MegaByte

Gb = Gigabit
GB = GigaByte

Tb = Terabit
TB = TeraByte

This means, for example, a host offering 80 Gb of space is in reality only offering 10 GigaBytes (GB) of space (80 divided by 8).

So consumers should be really careful and make sure to compare like for like when looking for your next hosting plan.

Go here to view our hosting plans which are always listed in GigaBytes

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