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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a new website online or need a fully bespoke web presence, then ServWise can help. We have over 15 years experience in website design and development, and the expertise to ensure your website works.

Our Services

Web and Print design. From Logos to full corporate branding, we can provide all types of graphic design services.

Bespoke website development. We can program websites from the ground up using PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as database driven content.

Wordpress / Joomla based websites. If you need a design or template for use with one of these popular CMS systems, we can do that.

Whatever your needs please use our quote request system to tell us your requirements and we'll get back to you right away.

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Our Portfolio

Since 2006 we have created a lot of websites for a lot of companies. Here is just a small selection of the work we've done :

Name : &
Type : Wordpress / Estate Agency
Description: We produced a Logo / Corporate ID and website template for use with Wordpress. We also integrated a purchased estate agent plugin as well as secured and optimised all systems and content.

Name : ATD (Wayback)
Type : Bespoke / Brochure site
Description: A corporate brochure site for an alternative energy services company.

Name : BellaSardinia (Wayback)
Type : Bespoke / Brochure site
Description: A holiday experiences company based in UK and Italy.

Name : 100%woman
: Bespoke / Ecommerce
Description: A website design based on their logo for an online shop selling goods for women.

Name : Calcidrata (Wayback)
Type : Joomla CMS / Brochure site
Description: Large brochure site for a leading building supplies company in Italy.

Name : (Link)
Type : Bespoke / digital photo printing site
Description: We developed a bespoke online system to allow visitors to upload and order photo prints of their digital photos. The site was developed in 2005 and has been running almost untouched ever since.

Name : Kastrum (Wayback)
Type : Joomla CMS / Ecommerce site
Description: Hotel room and event booking site built on Joomla CMS

Name : Marco Manca (Wayback)
Type : Bespoke / Brochure site
Description: Site for a freelance surveyor highlighting his services and examples of his work.