The outsourcing of web developers can save a lot compared to having permanent employees who take care of the website and allows even very small organizations to have websites, but at the same time, it can be difficult for people outside the industry to understand "who has to do what" because often web agencies incorporate everything related to web development.

So as often happens small organizations may not have a clear idea of the costs of building and maintaining a website and who should do what. Instead, each service offered must be associated with a cost, because each service takes time from someone who has to be paid.

In large companies, there are several professional figures, belonging to the internal departments within the company or organization,, seeing what these figures are can help to better understand:

  • Web developer/designer: They are the ones who design and program the website.
  • Webmaster: (who may also be the web designer) manages and updates the site (or organises the web designer to do it). They are also often responsible for the renewals of the domains, hosting, SSLs and also SEO etc...
  • Marketing, PR or Communication Department:  If there is no webmaster it will be their job to renew the domains and hosting.

The task of coordinating all these roles is the owner of the website, in large companies, it is often the PR & Marketing department in small companies it will likely be the owner.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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