Okay, it is a little bit disappointing - the progress that we are seeing today with technology. For example, there are no flying cars; manned space travel is… not exactly progressing. We don't have foldaway screens, we don't have a decent method of inputting data into a handheld device. Batteries are rubbish; mobile data seems to be as good now as wide data was two decades ago. In some areas, it is as good now as it has ever been - absent.

So it would be great if the technologists would pull their finger out and get some these things working. Working like all the technologies we currently take for granted. However, I would almost prefer that every single person currently working on a technology project would stop. And they would all get together and solve the one problem that plagues technology today.

Wires. One of the main problems in overcoming the problem of the wires is the fact that batteries don't work very well. It makes Bluetooth as a wireless solution - well - crap. However, I am not necessarily saying that the solution to the problem of wires necessarily has to be wireless - it could be more intelligent wires. Wires that whatever you do, can't tangle up with themselves and other wires. Memory metal may be.

Just some solution where I can put my headphones on, take them off and put them in my pocket. And when I take them back out of my pocket, it doesn't take several hours to untangle before I can use them again.

We've achieved many things, as a species, but we have had wires for many decades and been untangling them and tripping over them for all of that time. And it needs to end.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

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