How to make your website secure

As a Web Host we are constantly monitoring our systems and making sure our servers are secure. ultimately that prevention stops at the things we can control like our server operating systems and software, but the biggest threat to customer sites is actually bad website code, insecure passwords and file and folder permissions being wrongly set.

If you are like most website owners then you are probably running one of the more common CMS or eCommerce products on the market, software like Joomla, WordPress or OpenCart which can make building and running a complex website so much easier and without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, the hackers know this and so focus their attention on finding exploits in these common platforms. This is why it is so important to make sure you keep this type of software up to date with the latest patches and bug fixes and don't forget all the third party add-on components that are commonly installed to extend CMS functionality, these must be updated too.

So I know you're asking, how do you go about securing my site? well here is a quick list of steps you can take -

  1. Check you have the latest website software version if the version is old then follow the upgrade procedure published by the authors, do the same for any third-party components used.
  2. Check the file and folder permissions required for the application, the author will usually publish a list of exactly which files and folders require write permissions and which should only have read permissions, whatever you do never be lazy and just set write permissions throughout your entire site, you're just asking for a whole lot of trouble.
  3. Ensure you are using complex access passwords, that includes the control panel and FTP accounts or any other methods of accessing your site like through your own site admin. A browser component like LastPass or Keepass can help with generating and remembering your passwords.
  4. Change your passwords regularly.

Sound like a lot of work? then why not get us to do it for you, we now offer a website security auditing service where we check your site for you and provide a quote to secure the site if needed. The audit is only £30 (€40) and brings you peace of mind and assurance.

Order our audit service now at

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