How to send email using ASP and CDOSYS

The following ASP script can be used to send email using CDOSYS on our servers.

Dim iConfig
Dim theFlds
Dim objCDOMail

Set iConfig = Server.CreateObject ("CDO.Configuration")
Set theFlds = iConfig.Fields

'Set and update fields properties
theFlds("") = 25
theFlds("") = ""
theFlds("") = 60
theFlds("") = 2
theFlds("") = 1
theFlds("") ="yourpassword"


'Create the e-mail server object
Set objCDOMail = Server.CreateObject("CDO.Message")
Set objCDOMail.Configuration = iConfig

objCDOMail.From = ""
objCDOMail.To = ""
objCDOMail.Subject = "Email Subject"
objCDOMail.TextBody="Email Body"

'Close the server mail object
Set objCDOMail = Nothing
Set theFlds= Nothing
Set iConfig = Nothing

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