Creating a scheduled backup of your space

It is always important to keep backups of your website and databases but manually doing this is a chore. In SolidCP (formally WebSitePanel) you can set up scheduled tasks for many different functions one of which can zip your space files so you can easily back them up. (Please note zip backups do not include email account data.)

Follow these simple steps to set up your schedules backup.

  1. Click on Schedules tasks and then the Add Schedules Task button.
  2. Give your task a name and choose Zip Space Files for task type.
  3. Choose a folder and a file name of the zip file. (Note: [date], [time] variables can be used in the folder and file name to create separate backups).
  4. Set a schedule and choose a start time.
  5. Click Save

You can test your task by clicking the play icon under the status column

In the same way, as above you can also backup databases, use the database backup task type and fill in the fields, by using the same folder name as your space files backup you can have the database backup stored with the space files backup.

Another advanced feature is the ability to schedule an FTP task to transfer your backup folder to another server or off-site location. Use the send files via FTP option to do this.

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