Information needed to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

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To complete an SSL order you will first need to generate (Or have generated for you in the case of our Windows hosting) a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

IMPORTANT : for Wildcard SSLs the fully qualified domain name should be in the format of  *

The following information may be needed to generate your CSR

  1. The fully qualified domain name that you wish to secure (Sometimes called common name) e.g
  2. Your business name
  3. Your department name e.g. Web
  4. Your Town/City
  5. Your Province, County or State
  6. Your two letter country code e.g. US, IT or GB etc
  7. An email address

If hosting on our Windows servers please send these details in a support ticket requesting a CSR generation. If hosting on our Linux servers you can generate the CSR yourself from your hosting control panel.

If you haven't got hosting with us, please ask to your hosting provider their procedure to get a CSR .

Once you have your CSR you can submit it as part of the SSL order and once you have your SSL you can either install in (Linux hosting) or send it to our support staff to be installed (Windows hosting).

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