Installing / Renewing / Replacing an SSL on Windows SolidCP control panel

To Install, renew or replace an SSL on Windows SolidCP/WebSitePanel panel follow these instructions -

  1. Navigate your SolidCP account to the website properties page for the website you want to install or replace and then the SSL tab. (No SSL tab? you will need a dedicated IP first, please contact support)
    If you already have an SSL installed you can generate a renewal CSR using the same setting as previous here or you can create a new CSR using new settings.

  2. Now order your new SSL from our main site.

  3. You will receive instructions by email to submit the generated CSR via our website. (Please use the Microsoft IIS option as the server type)

  4. Once you submit the CSR you will then be contacted by the SSL issuer with instructions on how to authorize the SSL, please complete the instructions to receive the new SSL key.

  5. Using the SSL key they send back to you, submit it on the SSL tab to complete the SSL install or replacement on your site.

Any other questions please contact support via a ticket.

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