How do I renew my SSL

Renewing an SSL follows the same procedure as a new order. As long as you order the same SSL then any time left on the old SSL will be transferred automatically to the new SSL.

  1. Generate a CSR from your server, some systems and control panels allow you to generate a new CSR based on the old CSR details, otherwise, just generate a new CSR entering in the same details as the original CSR.

  2. Next, order the new SSL. Make it the same SSL type if you want to transfer any leftover time from the old SSL to the new SSL or avoid needing to resubmit business details for OV and EV SSLs.

  3. Next, submit your new CSR in the second part of the SSL order process following the instructions sent to you via email. Make sure you also enter the same details as you entered into your CSR during the order process otherwise your new SSL may be delayed for manual review or even rejected.

  4. Next, once you have submitted your CSR you need to authorise the SSL using the instructions sent to you by the SSL issuer. If this is a renewal and you are ordering an Organisation Validation or Extended Validation SSL then you should not need to resubmit details about your business as long as the SSL issuer has already received them, although you should follow the instructions supplied by the SSL issuer.

If you need further support when ordering our SSL please contact support.

You can find all our SSLs here.

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