What information will I need to order an SSL certificate?

The requirements to order and install an SSL Certificate are:

  1. A domain FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) e.g. yourdomain.com and an email address on that domain (e.g. hostmaster@yourdomain.com). Most SSLs will cover the domain and also the www version of the same domain.

    All SSL certificates must be verified by the receipt of an e-mail sent from the issuer of the SSL with instructions provided to validate the domain, this is a security procedure and all SSL certificates require this type of validation. Additional validation will be required for the organisation or extended validation SSL types which will typically extend the time it takes to issue the SSL.
  2. A CSR, (certificate signing request), this is usually generated and provided by your hosting provider if you have your server, you can find instructions on how to generate the signature from this site.
  3. Remember that your SSL may need a dedicated IP address to function.  ServWise shared hosting on Windows does require an IP whereas our Linux hosting does not. Customers can purchase a dedicated IP address as a configurable option on your hosting space from this website.
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