Can I administer a domain registered with another provider through your control panel?

Yes, you can, the company that you registered the domain with should allow you to set the "Authoritative DNS" addresses for your domain/s to our DNS server address. Our DNS server addresses are provided in your welcome letter.

The best practice would be to purchase and create your hosting space ready for your domain on our servers and then contact your domain registrar to point the name servers for your domain name at the DNS servers provided in the welcome letter. Your welcome letter will also provide a web address that allows you to view your website before you migrate your DNS so that you can be sure it is ready.

PLEASE NOTE: Some people get confused by what is meant by assigning name servers, this is NOT simply a redirect service, the domain will technically act just like as if you had registered it directly with us and can be used as a fully functional domain on our servers with no loss of service.

You will be able to use our control panels to configure web, FTP, email, edit DNS records etc for the domain.

The domain registrar is then only responsible for renewal of the domain and managing the domain contact records.

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