What website factors influence search engine position

There are many factors that influence a website's position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Below is a list of important factors -

  • Incoming links: Incoming links play a crucial role in search engines ranking, especially when they are "follow" links (normal links without the "nofollow" attribute) and from both sites and pages with an already high rank for a relevant topic. For example, a follow link from a high ranking website about UK web hosting, within relevant content to this ServWise website will pass on more of that ranking than from an unranked and unrelated website about fishing. Link text is also important so try to get links that describe the content they are linking too.

  • Content & Updates: The content of your site (or lack of) has a big influence on ranking. Websites with little content will rank much lower, so writing good content is a key factor in improving your ranking. The amount of content is important, but so is freshly created and updated content. A website whose content is regularly changing will rank higher and search engines will also return to spider the content more often if they see regularly changing content. Your content should not just be packed with keywords and readability and context are all taken into consideration by search engines so write good, clear content, include internal and external outbound links and include phrases and important words you want to be ranked for without excessive spamming or repeating.

  • Website speed: The speed of your website is important, websites that are fast will rank better as search engines consider fast websites to be better maintained and supported. Read our other article on Speeding up your website to get some good tips.

  • Readability & Accessibility: This is the ability for people on different platforms and with different needs to be able to navigate and read the content on your website. It is also about making sure search engine spiders can get to the content to be able to index it. Typically this means having valid HTML with font sizes and colours that can be read easily and layouts that react to different display types (Smartphones, tablets, smart TVs etc). This is called a "responsive" layout, as the display window changes your website "responds" by changing the layout and font sizes to better display on a particular size of screen.

  • Meta Data: Metadata refers to data that is normally hidden from a visitor but provides information to search engine spiders, over time these factors have become less important to search engine ranking, but the HTML title and description are still factors as they are what will be displayed in the search engine listing so should be considered as you would a billboard or newspaper advert. The title also still has some ranking relevance so should contain targeted keywords.

There are many other less important factors to consider also but the above information is a good start.

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Below are a number of online tools we recommend to help you rank better. 

  1. Google Search Console - Check indexing status and optimize visibility of your websites in Google
  2. Ahrefs -  SEO software suite
  3. SemRush - SEO tool that specializes in keyword research
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