Website Development Project Phases

When having your website created it is easier to split the process into a few well-defined phases. A common process is the 4D process of Define, Design, Develop and Deploy.

Step 1: Define

The first step is for your web designer to understand your needs and with you establish the aim of the website, identifying its target markets and establishing a budget to get an appropriate technical solution for the design of the website

Step 2: Design

Once you have a good idea of what you need and can afford then the next thing to look at is the graphics, layout of images, colours, etc. .. also the website's design has to be functional and easy to use. So in the design phase, you need to establish the structure of pages and layout of the website. First collect all of the material that may be useful for the construction of the Web site (brochures, logos, photographs, any fonts of visual elements you like etc.). At this point, your designer can proceed with the construction of a first draft of the design usually consisting of a number of design ideas that if approved will become the basis for coding the site.

Step 3: Develop

Once you have an approved design then it is time to start the programming phase or development of the code. Construction times can vary widely based on the choices made in previous phases. For example, a database-driven website would take a lot longer than a flat HTML website.

Step 4: Deploy

At this stage, you are ready to publish your website and should get a hosting space sorted out. Upload your website and test its functionality all works. Ongoing you should have a plan to improve your website by adding content and features, a website should never be left doing nothing, think about marketing and SEO and making your site attractive and interesting with new content all the time.

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