How to request a quote from a web agency

When requesting a quote for the creation of a Web site to a web agency, you must define your goals and objectives and find the best solution based on your requirements and your budget.

The standard steps in creating a Website can be summarized by what is commonly referred to as the 4D framework:

  • Define - Understand your needs and define strategies to achieve them.
  • Design - Create visual templates for the look and feel of the website including how the look and how navigation might work on different devices etc.
  • Develop - Program the webpages using modern programming languages and methods, Responsive HTML, CSS, JS, React, PHP, .NET, SQL, etc
  • Deploy - Organise webspace to publish the site and test functionality before putting your site live to the public.

In describing your project to create a website, you must answer the following questions:

What is the purpose of the website you want to accomplish?

  • Create an image that sets you apart from the competition
  • Increase visibility with a simple business presentation on the internet or using more sophisticated techniques of Internet Marketing.
  • Find new markets by selling goods on the Internet with an eCommerce site
  • Improve internal communication within a company intranet site
  • Consolidate relationships with other distributors and corporate clients with an extranet.
  • Speed up responses and improve the level of service
  • PR to spread corporate communications, sponsorship, publicity, and press releases to strengthen the brand or company image.
  • Upgrade your existing web site.

The size and content of the website will depend on:

  • The product idea (benefits to offer)
  • The segmentation of the market (those who offer them?)
  • Competitive positioning (how?)

From this information, we can derive the number of products or services offered, the content of their site with images, and the number of pages.

Do I need a new graphic design?

  • Maybe you already have a brand or company logo that is used as a symbol, words, drawings, or a combination of these to identify the products you offer that you want to utilize on the Internet.

  • Or maybe you want to create a totally new brand.

  • Do you already have a website? Do you want to relaunch it with a new design or want to keep the existing design? Want to create a new company logo?
    It is very useful to find other web sites that have features and capabilities similar to those you would like to see on your website.

  • Do you require a database ie. database of customers or products etc ... Or you already have a database? What programming language was used? What type of server is used?

  • Who is responsible for updating the contents of the database and Web site? Do you want to be able to update the content yourself using a CMS (Content Management System)? 

  • Where will you publish your site? (Who will be your hosting provider)

  • Have a Budget? You will need to determine your budget. The price of a Web site varies depending on the characteristics and functionality required. If you have a very low spending limit you can find a compromise between the required characteristics, which are costly, and the goals that you have faced.

One image we like to show to potential clients to convey what is possible when you are looking for any kind of design or programming work

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