Do we offer free hosting?

No, BUT you can join our affiliate scheme without even being a customer of ServWise, and this is a great way to get free professional hosting.  As an affiliate, you can earn credit with us that you can use to cover the costs of your own hosting.  Enough referrals and you can get your hosting for free!

Affiliates earn
20% of their referral's hosting fees.  This credit can then be used to purchase any service from ServWise, which include hosting, domains, SSL certificates, servers.

We hope that this incentive, in addition to our good reputation, will encourage you to recommend our hosting to as many people as possible.

Please note then when recommending ServWise in forums and similar sites, you should always inform readers that you are using an affiliate link.  Not only is this good etiquette but required practice by many websites.

For those of you who haven't joined up, this is the right time become an affiliate of ServWise.  Just visit
the ServWise billing area, register your details, and get posting your personalised affiliate link!

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We also recommend following us through our twitter in order to receive our special offers which you can then re-send with your affiliate link.

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