UK Data Centre and Network Infrastructure

UK Data Centre and Network Infrastructure

ServWise hosts all of it's European servers in BlueSquare data centres located in the UK just outside London.

This strategically chosen location provides excellent connectivity to the Internet Backbone and especially for traffic destined for Europe or the US due to London being the hub for most transatlantic network traffic.

Here are a few technical facts about BlueSquare data centres :

  • Over 50,000 sq ft of space (BlueSquare 1, 2, 3 & MK)
  • 8 megawatt of power from multiple on-site substations
  • Diverse power feeds to substations
  • Multiple redundant N+N generators connected via C&N
  • ATS systems
  • Diverse fibre ducts into the data centers
  • N+1 PowerWave UPS system
  • N+1 Airedale Air Handling system
  • 22°C +/- 2°C data floor temperature
  • 24x7 secure entry via swipe card system, with 6-layer entry
  • Data Center located inside its own secure compound, with 3-metre fencing and electric entry, including anti-tailgate systems
  • Engineers available 24x7 for remote hands service
  • Engineer build rooms

The Network Infrastructure

Simply Transit provide Network Infrastructure and run a fully redundant BGP network consisting of two separate hardware vendors which provides redundancy not only in the network level, but also on the hardware level.

They operate two separate 10Gigabit networks, from both Extreme Networks and Foundry Networks at all locations. On top of this layer 2 network they operate two independent IP Transit networks (AS29550 and AS34920) which run from multiple Cisco Systems 7606-S RSP720 and 6509 SUP720 routers at multiple London facilities, offering true redundancy to each data centre.

Connecting with multiple Tier 1 providers, as well the London Internet Exchange (LINX), they are the only provider able to offer IP services diverse of London, to any of the BlueSquare datacentres.

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