Accessing mySQL remotely

Remote access to any of our database servers is provided solely for periodic maintenance, backups or reporting, permanent or semi-permanent connections are not allowed and we do not guarantee access.

Users should normally use the web-based phpMyAdmin interface to manage databases (A convenient quick login link is provided from our control panels).

Remote access on Windows Servers

MySQL can be accessed using remote administration tools by authorised IPs only. If your internet connection has a static IP we can add this to our firewall rules, also if you have a Dynamic IP but also use a Dynamic DNS record (DDNS) then we can use this to update our firewall records to include your IP and allow access you access.

Remote access on Linux Servers

MySQL can be configured to allow remote access, you can define what access is permitted from the control panel, in the Databases section "Manage Remote MySQL Access".  You can allow access from all IP addresses, a single specific IP address, from a range of addresses by using wildcards such as 200.200.200.% or a domain name such as

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