What are some of the important features that all web hosting plans should offer

All of our plans offer the following key features:

  1. FTP Access
    FTP is the primary means of getting your web site pages and data up to the web site.  However you are not limited to using an FTP client, as we provide a web-based file manager, and Content Management Systems to help you develop your website.
  2. Email
    All of our hosting plans also include full email facilities.
  3. Scripting Support
    Scripting allows you to write dynamic content that can enhance the experience of your site visitors.  Forms can be created to make your site more interactive and increase the likelihood of return visitors.  We support many scripting languages including PHP, ASP.NET, Classic ASP, Perl, Python etc
  4. Databases
    All of our plans come with MySQL Database support as default with a number of other Database types supported depending on the chosen server, including Microsoft SQL server (Add-on) and Microsoft Access on Windows and PostgreSQL on Linux.
  5. Hosting Control Panel
    Managing a website can be a daunting task, and the web site Control Panel is the key to effective management.  We provide the best-in-class SolidCP and cPanel management interfaces to ensure you can get the most from your web site.
  6. Easy Install applications
    Our control panels allow you to easily install many of the most popular Blogging, CMS and eCommerce applications such as WordPress, Joomla etc
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