Creating Name Servers

You can create name servers from our main site for any domain that we are the registrar.

This is useful if you are reselling hosting and wish to provide your customers with branded name servers rather than our own.

You will need to know the IP addresses of at least two DNS servers you will be using, preferably on separate C class networks (that is where the third set of numbers in the IP address are different) and preferably geographically separated. Our own DNS servers are located in the US (central and east coast) and the UK (London). This provides the ultimate in redundancy should any outages occur.

Typically you will be aliasing our own DNS servers and you can find our DNS IPs at

Before you register your name servers you must create A records for them in your DNS records. e.g.

[ns1] [A] []
[ns2] [A] []

This should be done where ever you manage DNS for your domain.

Once they are created, from our main site access your client area and manage the domain you wish to create name servers against. Click the "Register Name Servers" button, and now enter details for each of the name servers.

That's it, your name servers are now registered with the proper authorities and can be used with your domains, you can even re-assign your own domain if you wish.

For instructions for configuring our reseller panels please see the following articles.

Windows hosting (WebsitePanel) :
Linux Hosting (Cpanel/WHM) :


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